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(Grammar) How We Use Too and Enough In English

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Too. An adverb of excess; with to + infinitive and/or for + (pro)noun.

This soup is very hot; I can't drink it.
This soup is too hot (for me) to drink.

That's a lot of money; a book like that shouldn't cost so much.
That's too much money for a book like that.

*Expect the mistake :
This soup is too hot for me to drink it.

The infinitive, even of a transitive verb, has no object if this would represent the same person or thing as the subject of the main verb, be, seem, etc.

Enough. Whereas too has a negative sense, enough, also with infinitive, has positive sense.

Compare :
He is too ill to need a doctor.
= He is so ill that it's useless to send for a doctor.

He is ill enough to need a doctor.
= He is so ill that we must send for a doctor at once.

Enough comes in front of a noun and after an adjective or adverb.