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Diary bahasa Inggris – Narno

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Diary bahasa Inggris – Narno

Berikut ini adalah contoh penulisan catatn harian atau diary menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Ini menjadi jawaban untuk sobat tresno English yang sedang mencari contoh diary atau catatan harian menggunakan bahasa inggris.
Oke langsung aja silahkan disimak catatan harian menggunakan bahasa Inggrisnya versi tresno English ....

An exchanged receipt
          Yesterday I accompanied my friend, Tolib. He just repaired his motorcycle in a workshop in Banjarnegara but unfortunately the receipt was exchanged with other people so that he paid more.
          On the way he got a call from one of the clerk of the workshop. She asked him to meet herself in Aribaya to change the receipt. In the evening we left for there. Arriving in her hometown, we were confused. We did not know her house.
          Suddenly there was a housewife and we met her. We asked around the girl. She said that Yani was in Kemiri. She was actually from Banjarnegara who got merried with someone in Kemiri. From the explanation I directly thought that the girl should be Narno’s wife. I thought like that because I ever heard that Narno had got merried with a girl from Banjarnegara. I became so focus on it. I hoped that she was Narno’s wife. I was so sure about that. I really hoped that this story could meet me with Narno my old friend in senior high school who I never met for some years.
          I had done so many things to find him but... it’s so difficult to find him. It made me gave up. So with the story I hoped Yani was really his wife so that I could see him.
          We looked anywhere for her house till finally we arrived at Kemiri village. I got off to ask some one on the roadside. I asked the house of Yani. Someone shew me the way and then we directly left for there.
          During the way to Yani’s house I always hoped that Yani was Narno’s wife and I could see him at home.
          Arriving there, I did not forget to take a look at some pictures on the wall. But ... I could not find his picture. After my friend’s problem with Yani had finished, we chatted together. We were with the host and the hostess, Yani and also one more girl. I heard that Yani said to the girl that her husband would be late home at that night. Hearing that I felt that I could not see her husband.
          At that time I had so many activities at home, so finally before going home I really ventured myself to ask about Narno to them. I asked the man where was Narno’s house. They all said that “this is his house” and Yani said that she was his husband.
          I was so happy. Finally I could find where he was. Although I could not meet him. But I met his family, his father, his mother, his sister and his wife with his little son too.
          I told them that Narno was my old friend in senior high school some years ago but we never met one another for years. So before going home I send him my best regard.

Demikianlah postingan saya pada kesempatan kali ini yang berjudul Diary bahasa Inggris tentang Narno untuk kawan-kawan semuanya semoga bermanfaat. Tetaplah di tresno English ya terima kasih ........