Diary menggunakan bahasa Inggris tentang rencana

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Diary menggunakan bahasa Inggris tentang rencana

Halo sobat tresno English semuanya, nih saya ada sebuah catatan harian menggunakan bahasa Inggris judulnya adalah diary menggunakan bahasa Inggris tentang rencana.

Mau tahu ? ya silahkan saja langsung disimak catatan harian berbahasa Inggrtis berikut ini dari tresno English  ....

            This afternoon on my spare time I spent it to wash my motorcycle infront of my grandma ‘s house. My motorcycle had been so dirty and it was really not comfortable to ride it especially when I park it in front of an office.
            Also one of my reason why I washed my motorcycle because I would repair it in workshop.
            When I was washing it, suddenly I saw my brother Muhaimin who was infront of his house together with a motorist. He wore neat dress and he carried a big bag on his back. Of course my only question was “where will he go ?” in my heart I hoped that he would not go to Jakarta as early as that because I still needed him for some sweet moments.
            Just the moment he passed in front of me who was washing motorcycle. I happened to ask for him where would he go, but he said that he would hang out only. I became doubt when I paid attention on his big bag on his back.
            Before long his father also passed in front of me and my aunt asked him that Muhaimin went to Jakarta. His father said “yes”. Oh my god ! I became so uncertain. Where as I thought he would go to Jakarta next month because last night when he went to my house he said that he did not know when would he go to Jakarta again.
            I planned to invite him to go to Dieng Plateu next week to watch Dieng culture festival on August 5th up to 7th. I purposely did not tell him about this because I would give him a surprizing thing.
            Beside that, I still need him to support me during this month. My friends and I have so many agenda in the frame work of celebrating the August 17th. There will be many competitions we have. Just by chance this year I can be the chairman of this competition. At that time I was so sure that I could be always powerful because of him who was here. I also had thought that the situation in this agenda would be so amazing because of him. But .... he went away..... I do not know whether he will appear in the competition or not and I do not know whether I will be so powerful or not.
            I really feel not entirely lucky, I then could only pray for him. I hoped he could arrive at his destination safely, he could get what he wanted, he would be always healthy and successsful... amiin ...

Demikian sobat psotingan saya kali ini. Jangan lupa terus bersama tresno English untuk belajar bahasa Inggris ......

Sekian dan terima kasih ...